Hydroponic growing is a method of growing plants in water without soil using water soluable mineral nutrient solutions.

Plants are cultivated with their roots immersed in the nutrient solution. They are also sometimes grown in a medium, such as gravel, perlite, mineral wool, coconut husk or expanded clay.

Hydroponics Companies based in Aldershot, Bordon, Portsmouth, Southampton, Stockbridge and Waterlooville in Hants Hampshire UK

Find businesses selling Hydroponic growing systems equipment and nutrients in Hampshire here!

Hampshire Hydroponics Suppliers. Shops, stores and businesses selling hydroponic growing systems and accessories including lighting, plant nutrients, grow lights and tents and complete hydroponic growing, feeding and and watering systems.

Chrissie's Garden Ltd - Portsmouth

Hydroponics, Grow light, Grow tent, Grow room
Chrissie's Garden Hydroponics Portsmouth UK
33 Portsmouth Enterprise Centre, Quartremaine Rd, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO3 5QT
Phone: 02392 004614

Geezzaa Growlights - Aldershot

68 Herrett Street, Aldershot, Hampshire GU12 4EE
Phone: 012526 95245

Houghton Lodge and Gardens - Stockbridge

Stockbridge, Hampshire SO20 6LQ Phone: 01264 810502

HydroVation - Bordon

Wolfe Lodge, Farnham Rd, Bordon , Hampshire , GU35 0NH
Phone: 01420 447578

Moneytree Hydroponics Ltd - Waterlooville

Hydroponics Grow Tents, LED Grow Lighting Grow Systems, Plant Pots and Trays Grow Lighting Kits, Shades
Reflective Sheeting, Pumps Hydroponics Nutrients Additives
Unit 6, Furzehill Farm, Sheepwash Lane, Waterlooville , Hampshire PO7 6TU
Phone: 02392 000946 / 07973 480933

South Coast Hydroponics - Waterlooville

UK Hydroponics Systems Grow Lights - Hydroponics Nutrients
Growing Mediums and Rockwool, Ventilation Fans and Accessories. Grow Tents.
Unit 8, Enterprise Industrial Estate, Enterprise Road, Waterlooville, Hampshire PO8 0BB
Phone: 02392 598853

Southern Hydro Centre - Southampton

Indoor and Outdoor Hydroponics Supplies
From Nutrients to Poly Tunnels.
9 Malmesbury Road, Southampton , Hampshire , SO15 5FT
Phone: 02380 704080

The Hydroponics Centre - Portsmouth

Unit 1b, O Jays Industrial Park, Claybank Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO3 5SX Phone: 02392 669277

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Hampshire Hydroponics Suppliers, Companies and Shops selling hydroponic supplies - nutrients, additives, hydroponic starter kits, grow, lighting and complete hydroponic watering and feeding systems and equipment.