Hydroponics is a popular and successful method of growing crops in a water soltion with added water soluble mineral nutrients.

Plants are cultivated with their roots immersed in the nutrient solution. They are also sometimes grown in a medium, such as gravel, perlite, mineral wool, coconut husk or expanded clay.

Hydroponics Companies based in Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings, Hellingly, Hove, Peacehaven in East Sussex UK

Find businesses selling Hydrponic growing systems equipment and nutrients in East Sussex here!

East Sussex Hydroponics Suppliers. Shops, stores and businesses selling hydroponic growing systems and accessories including lighting, plant growing nutrients, grow lights and tents and complete hydroponic watering, growing and feeding systems.

Better Grow Hydroponics - Eastbourne

1 Wharf Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 1BD
Phone: 01323 733055

Bub's Allotment Hydroponics - Hellingly

Unit 4, The Granary, Rural Business Centre, North Street, Hellingly, East Sussex BN27 4DU
Phone: 07528 098103

Discount Hydroponics - Hastings

1 Bus Buildings, Waldegrave Street, Hastings,
East Sussex TN34 1SJ Phone: 01424 428186

Discount Hydroponics - Hove

320 Portland Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 5LP
Phone: 01273 422210

Evergreen Hydroponics - Brighton

18 Park Crescent, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 3HF
Phone: 01273 623136

Future LED Growth Technology - Brighton

Be the first to add a review Future LED Growth Technology
5 - 6 Richmond Gardens, Brighton , East Sussex , BN2 9PF
Phone: 0844 5675849

Greenfingers Hydroponics - Eastbourne

78 Eastbourne Road, Willingdon, Eastbourne,
East Sussex BN20 9NT
Phone: 01323 489209

Growponics - Peacehaven

Unit 4 Farrington Enterprise Estate, Hoyle Road, Peacehaven, East Sussex BN10 8LW Phone: 01273 589582

Persy Growbox Ltd - Hove

Ground Floor Workshop, 4 Kings Mews, Hove,
East Sussex BN3 2PA Phone: 01273 777335

The Horticulture Centre Ltd - Brighton

26 Church Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN41 1LA
Phone: 01273 412326

The Potting Room - Eastbourne

28a, Cavendish Place, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 3JA
Phone: 01323 727220

UK Groworks - Brighton

Hydroponics Ventilation Equipment Special Offer, Hydroponics  Nutrients and Additives, Complete Hydroponics Systems Set Ups, Hydro Kit and Systems. Mail Order Service Available.
Unit 4 Roedean Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 5RU
Phone: 01273 624327

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East Sussex Hydroponics Suppliers, Companies and Shops selling hydroponic supplies - nutrients, additives, hydroponic starter kits, grow, lighting and complete hydroponic watering and feeding systems and equipment.