Hydroponic is a system of growing plants in water that is full of nutrients.

When mineral nutrients are dissolved artificially in water, plant roots are able to absorb these essential nutrinets for growth and soil is not required. 

Artificial lighting and watering systems can also increase the yeild of many crops.

Hydroponics is also used as a technique in biology research.

Hydroponics Companies based in Bedford, Dunstable and Sandy  in Bedfordshire UK

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Bedfordshire Hydroponics Suppliers. Listing of businesses selling hydroponic growing systems and equipments including plant nutrients, lighting, grwoing mediums such as perlite, grow lights and grow tents and complete hydroponic feeding, growing and plant watering systems.

iGrowPonics - Sandy

Grow Tents and Ox Pots Lighting & Environment Propagation & Irrigation. Hydroponic Growing Systems and Mediums. Plant Nutrient Solutions.
Unit 18 Tyne Road, Middlefield Industrial Estate, Sandy,
Bedfordshire SG19 1SA Tel: 01767 661568

Highlights Hydroponics - Bedford

Unit 4, The Grange Farm, Colesden, Bedford
Bedfordshire MK44 3DB Phone: 0843 262 0361

Toddington Hydroponics Centre - Dunstable

Griffin Farm, Conger Lane, Toddington, Dunstable,
Bedfordshire LU5 6BT Tel: 01525 874888

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Bedfordshire Hydroponics Suppliers, Companies selling hydroponic supplies - nutrients, additives, growin mediums lighting, grow lights and complete hydroponic watering and feeding systems and equipment.