Hydroponic growing is a method of cultivating plants without soil. Plants are grown in water with added soluable mineral nutrient solutions.

Plants are cultivated hydroponically with their roots in the nutrient feed solution. Hydroponic growing systems sometimes grow plants in a growing medium, such as perlite, gravel, expanded clay, mineral wool or coconut husk.

Hydroponics Companies based in Bristol, Weston-Super-Mare in Avon UK

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Avon Hydroponics Suppliers. Listing of businesses selling hydroponic growing systems and accessories including lighting, plant nutrients, grow lights and tents and complete hydroponic growing, feeding and and watering systems.

Amazing Garden Supplies

Unit 3, Moravian Road Business Park, Bristol, Avon BS15 8NF
Phone: 0117 960 5566

Avon Grow Light Systems - Bristol

Avon Grow Light Systems for Hydroponics and indoor growing. 189 Whitehall Road, Bristol, Avon BS5 9BJ
Phone: 0843 271 4197

Branching Out Hydroponics - Bristol

Unit E The Old Brewery, Durnford St, Bristol, Avon BS3 2AW
Phone: 0117 966 6996

Greens Horticulture - St Philips

Totterdown Bridge Estate, Albert Road, St Philips, Bristol,
Avon BS2 0XH Phone: 0117 971 3000

Hobby Grow Ltd - Bristol

Hydroponics supplier
65 High Street, Bristol, Avon BS15 4AD Phone: 07539 808862

Hydroman Ltd - Bristol

Hydroponics Lighting Systems Nutrients Soil, Coco, Clay Pebbles Grow Tents Ventilation Equipment
Woodbine Road Rear of 189 Whitehall Road, Bristol,
Avon BS5 9AJ Phone: 07983 045289

One Stop for Growing - Weston-Super-Mare

Hydroponic Grow Tents and Hydroponic Lighting Systems, Ventilation Systems Plant Nutrients and Additives Soiland Coco Clay Pebbles Pest Control Environmental Control
Puxton Lane, Weston-Super-Mare, Avon BS24 6TA
Phone: 01934 311176

Total Control Hydroponics

Unit 16 Douglas Road Industrial Estate, Douglas Road, Bristol, Avon BS15 8PD. Phone: 0117 961 4488

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Avon Hydroponics Suppliers, Companies selling hydroponic supplies - nutrients, additives, lighting, grow lights and complete hydroponic watering and feeding systems and equipment.