A resource to find places to order Lawn Turf in and close to the towns of Lincoln, Market Rasen, Spalding, Spilsby, Grantham, Alford, Sleaford, Boston, Louth and Dunston Fen in Lincolnshire.

When deciding on the sort of lawn turf that you will need for your garden its interesting to know there are 3 main varieties of lawn grass. These three grass types should cover your basic requirements for the types of use that your newly laid turfed lawn will have to cope with.

To achieve a lawn with a 'bowling green' appearance which will only experience some gentle walking, then a turf containing a mixture of grasses consisting of the finer Fescues and Bents would be suitable.

If your new lawn is eventually going to be used by children or adults for a play surface then a more 'utility' mix containing rye grasses in the turf would be the best choice.

You may decide to have a different type of turf on the front lawn to that in the back garden as they may be used in very diferrent ways.

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Lincolnshire Turf Stockists - Sales, supply and Delivery of Lawn Turf in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire Turf Growers and Suppliers, contractors and companies selling and laying grass turf for all types of lawns to the public and the commercial trade. Where to order and buy cultivated weed treated, commercially prepared turf for grass lawns in Lincolnshire.

A1 Turf - Lincoln

Prepare and lay your new lawn and can also take care of the watering! Other Services include: Topsoil, Organic Compost, Lawn Treatments.
20 Jacobean Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN6 3RB
Phone: 01522 302363 Mobile: 07970 637623

AA Plantragg Market Rasen

4, Wold View, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire LN7 6UU
Phone: 01472 852498

Barton's Landscapes - Spalding

1, Abbotts Gardens, Spalding, Lincolnshire PE12 6SZ
Phone: 01406 370417

Cranberry Compost Producers Limited - Spilsby

The Laurels, Main Road, Spilsby, Lincolnshire PE23 4BA
Phone: 01790 752251

Fineturf Limited - Grantham

The Barn, Charity Street, Grantham, Lincolnshire NG32 3AT
Phone: 01400 251605

Froggatts Lincoln

Turf and Top Soil Supplier, Landscaping Service Available, Clearing and Renovating, Leveling and Laying, Advice, No Obligation.
106, Doddington Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN6 7EU
Phone: 01522 696696

Grass Roots - Alford

Turf suppliers in Alford Lincolnshire
24, Christopher Road, Alford, Lincolnshire LN13 0AB
Phone: 01507 466175

Keith Garden Services Sleaford

Suppliers, TGA Cultivated Turf, Turf Laying Services, Supply To Trade And Domestic, Top Soil And Slates, Gravels And Granites, Bark Mulch and Soil Conditioner.
16, Millview Road, Sleaford, Lincolnshire NG34 9JP
Mobile: 07508 038737 Phone: 01529 460936

Lincolnshire Turf Farms Lincoln

66, Station Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN5 9QW
Phone: 01522 723017

Redfearn's Turf Lincoln

Guaranteed Weed Free Turf, Lawn Preparation and Laying, Rotovating and Clearance, Planting Trees Shrubs, Domestic and Commercial Work, Lincolns Premier Turf Agent.
95 Newark Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN5 8NE
Phone: 01522 303740

Refearn Turf - Lincoln

197, Calder Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN5 9BB
Phone: 01522 527781

S Barker Turf Suppliers Spalding

Turf Suppliers, Turf Supplied or Laid
87, Chapelgate, Spalding, Lincolnshire PE12 0EF
Phone: 01945 440634

Summerfield Garden Care - Louth

Summerfield, Bank End, Louth, Lincolnshire LN11 7LN
Phone: 07966 210437

Swift N Sure Dunston Fen

Turf and Top Soil Supplier, Leveling and Laying, Rotivating and Clearance, Supply Only or Prepared and Laid, Organic and Grade 1and 2 Topsoil, Sand and Gravel and Hardcore.
34White Horse Park, Dunston Fen, Lincoln LN4 3AP
Phone: 07776 440005

Sykes Lawn Turf - Lincoln

Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN1 2LD
Phone: 01522 543353

Tillers Turf Company Limited Market Rasen

Grange Court, Grange Lane, Market Rasen,
Lincolnshire LN7 6EZ Phone: 01652 678000

William Sinclair Horticulture Limited - Lincoln

Firth Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN6 7AH
Phone: 01522 537561

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An important grass maintenance task not to miss is to keep the edges of the lawn trimmed. This really smartens the apppearance of the lawn. This edge trimming can be left to alternate mowings, but if they are not cut regularly, the coarser varieties grasses thrive and will encroach on to borders and flowerbeds.

The neatest finish is acheived by cutting the edges with long-handled edging shears. The correct way to use edging shears is to hold the lower blade of the shears level and then cut by moving the upper blade of the shears.

Once or twice a year use a half moon edging tool to cut a clean edge to the turf.


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